Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nicole in Paris

On February 24 Nicole Richie promoted her new fashion line "Winter Kate" in where else but Paris, France.
Nicole has really been hitting the promotion trail for her debut fashion line, it looks absolutely amazing and I am sure it will do really well.

Nicole chose to wear a stunning floor length deep blue silk dress, with her hair done casually to the side.
I love how she is doing her hair at the moment! only problem is I only recently turned blond and being a brunette my whole life after being inspired by Nicole. Oh well she looks fantastic!!


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I'm back!

Hey everyone!
sorry for my absence the last couple of weeks but I have been having the time of my life on a holiday at Surfers Paradise! I had such a good time but I'm back to reality now.
So look out for a heap of updates in the next couple of hours. :)

here is a picture I took of the view from where I was staying.